MICRO modules 

  • MM-U57D, MM-D5, MM-Z5 devices are contactless card and transponder RFID readers of the MIFARE® Classic, Ultralight, DESFire - only MM-U57D version, proximity standards operating at 13,56MHz frequency. Additional MM-Z5 version allow to read serial number from ICODE SLI transponders. Readers have functionality to program NFC cards and transponders...

  • I1M-005 is contactless card and transponder RFID reader of the ICODE1 proximity stadard from NXP company, operating at 13,56MHz frequency. Module have RS232 (TTL) interface. The 512-bit EEPROM memory of ICODE1 transponder is divided into 16 blocks, 4 bits each. The user has access to 384-bit of the memory content (for writing and reading). The remaining...

  • Moduł I2M-005 jest czytnikiem oferującym odczyt i zapis kart oraz transponderów zbliżeniowych RFID z rodziny ICODE SLI firmy NXP oraz zgodnych z ISO-15693, działających w częstotliwości 13,56MHz. Moduł posiada interfejs RS232 (TTL) z maksymalną prędkością 115 kbps.

  • The MM-R5 module is a RFID proximity card reader from the MIFARE® Classic, Plus, Ultralight C, DESFire, I-CODE SLI, iClass (CSN only), operating on the 13.56MHz frequency. They also have the functionality of programming cards and NFC tags compliant with the ISO / IEC 14443 standard. The modules have an RS232 interface with voltage levels compliant with TTL.

Design of RFID devices
Apart from the offer of universal RFID readers and modules available permanently in the offer Netronix provides RFID design services for individual customer requirements. This enables creation of RFID device to be tailored to the specific RFID application.

If you have any questions about Design of RFID devices please contact us by e-mail at netronix@netronix.pl, or by phone at number +48 (22) 436 01 00