Five LEGIC Connect components, Mobile SDK, reader and card integrated circuits as well as key and authorization management work together to provide an advanced technology platform for secure user identification and IoT applications.

Key and authorization management allows you to easily create a secure identification solution without having to go into the complex issue of cryptology. Because the LEGIC reader integrated circuit supports the RFID protocol and the proven concept of the Master-Token System-Control security system, you can easily connect a mobile solution using LEGIC advantage or prime smart cards.
In addition, LEGIC RFID reader systems also support third-party RFID technologies such as MIFARE® Classic , DESFire , Sony® Felica or HID® iCLASS .

Basic components of the LEGIC® access control system

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LEGIC Connect is a trusted service for creating and immediately implementing identification permissions on mobile phones. Thanks to the simple API, LEGIC Connect can be integrated in all management systems and connects the latter to mobile users. Its high scalability is suitable for small and large installations. Modern security architecture based on HSM (Hardware Secutrity Module) makes LEGIC Connect an ideal system for secure identification solutions.

LEGIC Mobile SDK is an easy to integrate software block that allows you to quickly create mobile applications for secure identification and IoT solutions. Protects and integrates communication between LEGIC Connect and LEGIC integrated circuits, completing the path from the management system to the device with LEGIC enabled. LEGIC Mobile SDK is available for iOS and Android and is currently used in various mobile applications.

LEGIC integrated circuits for proximity card readers

LEGIC 4000 and 6000 series integrated circuits are the perfect choice for innovative and secure identification and IoT solutions. They comply with all major RFID, NFC and Bluetooth Smart standards, and due to their small design and low power consumption, LEGIC integrated circuits are eligible for use in compact devices with battery voltage.

LEGIC integrated circuits for smart proximity cards

For all types of identification media, LEGIC provides integrated circuits for smart proximity cards. With flexible application support, you can connect up to 127 applications at the same time. LEGIC Advant smart card systems are available in different memory sizes and for different ISO standards.

LEGIC key and authorization management

LEGIC provides advanced solutions for the security of security projects and IOTs. Master-Token System-Control is a proven platform for easy and secure management of contactless card applications, based on a physical token - the so-called Master-Token. Key management and authorization for mobile solutions includes storing keys in a LEGIC Connect certified environment using state-of-the-art cryptographic concepts, including key derivative, end-to-end encryption or mutual authentication.

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