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Netronix COTER-E2/E4

  • COTER-E2/E4

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COTER-E family devises convert signals transmitted via Ethernet to serial interface signals.

The device has Ethernet interface with configurable network parameters or with automatic download of DHCP server settings. By means of TCP/IP network connection, a user (host application) is able to modify settings or to read current device status out. To limit an access to devices connected to serial interface bus against intruders, COTER-E has ACL address list, from which it is possible to establish a communication. There is possibility to define login password allowing modifying settings too. The converter is equipped with feature searching for the device, which is present in local network. This feature is mainly useful during operation with active DHCP client. COTER-E family devices have implemented firmware BOOTLOADER, which can be preloaded by any TFTP client.

  • COTER-E4I converts Ethernet to RS-485.
  • COTER-E2I converts Ethernet to RS-232 with possibility of controlling two I/O ports.

RS-232 version of the device is equipped with two general purpose I/O ports, by means of which it is possible to control remotely or check their current status, depending on their mode of configuration.

COTER-E converter can operate in three mode of communication:

  • so-called OFF_MODE, where conversion server is switched off completely,
  • so-called RAW_MODE, where data are sent directly with constant transmission parameters fixed by means of configuration server,
  • so-called NVT_MODE, where communication port is shared between data transfer and communication command transfer using protocol described in RFC-2217.