COTER-E device are used to convert signals transmitted via Ethernet to signals of the RS485 serial interface.

The device has an Ethernet interface with configurable network parameters or automatic downloading of settings from a DHCP server. Using the TCP/IP network connection, the user (management application) is able to modify the settings or read the current status of the device. In order to limit access of unauthorized hosts to devices connected on the serial interface bus, COTER-E4I has a list of ACL addresses from which a connection can be established. You can define an access password that allows you to modify the settings. The converter also has a device search mechanism in the local network, especially useful when working with an active DHCP client. COTER-E4I devices have the firmware BOOTLOADER implemented, which can be reloaded using any TFTP client.

The COTER-E4I converter can operate in three communication modes:

  • tzw. OFF_MODE in which the conversion server is completely turned off,
  • tzw. RAW_MODE in which data is sent directly with fixed transmission parameters set using the configuration server,
  • tzw. NVT_MODE in which the communication port is shared between data transfer and configuration command transfer using the protocol described in RFC-2217.
Interface Ethernet


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