The Lithuanian company Teltonika has been offering the highest quality solutions for M2M/IoT communication devices, including a wide range of GPS locators/recorders, for nearly 20 years. The FMC640 locator is designed for vehicle fleet tracking and management applications. In communication with the GPS/GNSS application server, the FMC640 connects via the GSM network (4G LTE [Cat.1] with the option of fallback to 2G and 3G), sending information on e.g. the current position of the vehicle, its speed and other data collected via the Bluetooth, CAN (J1708) and RS232/RS485 interface, such as e.g. fuel level and consumption, rpm, engine load and temperature, tachograph data and vehicle safety information such as opening doors and covers, locking and unlocking the vehicle with the remote control or activating the vehicle alarm system.

In turn, thanks to the interface support 1-Wire GPS tracker FMC640 can work seamlessly with PLA series RFID readers by Netronix, supporting additional functionality related to driver identification, which can be done via RFID cards and transponders working in MIFARE® Classic (13,65MHz) or Unique/HITAG2 (125kHz) standards.

Cooperation of 1-Wire PLA series RFID readers with FMC640 GPS locators from Teltonika

This is extremely important information for every fleet system manager in medium and large enterprises, enabling cost optimization and control of fuel expenses, inspections, staff costs and many more. Driver identification allows for automatic assignment of employees to the vehicle in use, and thanks to RFID technology we can collect data such as:

  • working time of drivers - e.g. traders,
  • time of using a given vehicle, divided into business and private work time,
  • number of kilometers driven per driver,
  • and additionally, RFID is a protection against unauthorized use of the vehicle - without a suitable tablet or proximity card, the ignition will not be unlocked.

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