Differences between the Unique and Q5 RFID proximity standard?

Both popular RFID standards work in the same 125kHz frequency range, but how do they differ?

Microchip Authorized Design Partner

With the beginning of the 2014 the Netronix company has been verified by Microchip Inc. to give the status of Authorized Design Partner in Poland.

NFC proximity standard of tomorrow

Near Field Communication is a standard for short-range, high-frequency wireless communication operating at 13.56MHz.

LEGIC® secure RFID access control

Master-Token is a unique security concept used in the LEGIC access control system. Instead of protecting the administrator's rights in the system with uncertain passwords, the LEGIC system is associated with a special, physical proximity card.

MIFARE® the most popular RFID standard in the world

NXP's MIFARE® is the best-recognized proximity standard in the world, known for its wide range of products for non-contact RFID communication in the high frequency range of 13.56MHz with a read / write distance of 10cm (4 inches).

HITAG® a stable RFID standard for demanding applications

HITAG® is the proven low frequency RFID standard (LF - 125kHz), which is the right choice for applications operating in harsh environments, where high reliability and secure data transmission is a basic requirement.

ICODE® RFID standard for HF 13.56MHz applications requiring anti-collision

ICODE® is a standard on the high frequency (HF) market for intelligent RFID tag solutions operating at 13.56MHz, supporting infrastructure compliant with ISO 18000-3 15693 / ISO.

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NTAG® standard for intelligent labels, tags, transponders and devices

NTAG® provides universal cooperation with NFC devices such as mobile phones, tablets, as well as built-in NTAG® / NFC readers and modules compliant with ISO / IEC14443 standard.

How does the RFID access control system work?

An access control system is a set of elements that to a large extent combines surveillance software with executive devices to perform specific activities and their registration in a database.

MIFARE® DESFire EV2 secure RFID standard with support for multiple applications at the same time

The MIFARE DESFire EV2 smart card standard offers high performance, increased security, and extended support for supporting multiple applications to enable the construction of new business models.


The NXP UCODE standard compliant with EPC Global (UHF frequency) is the ideal choice for applications in supply chain applications and in logistics requiring high speed.

Basic components of the LEGIC® access control system

The five LEGIC Connect components, Mobile SDK, reader and card integrated circuits, and key and authorization management work together to provide an advanced technology platform for secure user identification and IoT applications.

ISO/IEC 14443-(A/B) RFID standard

The ISO / IEC 14443 standard is an international technical standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, specifying the operation of proximity cards and the protocol used to communicate with it.

How does an active RFID access control system work?

Unlike systems based on passive RFID, Active RFID systems operate with a larger reading range due to the built-in battery transponder increasing transmission power.

UHF readers and transponders in industrial and logistic applications

UHF RFID transponders and readers as well as transponders have a direct impact on process optimization in medium and large enterprises.

eID readers

From March 4, 2019, each newly issued ID will be a E-ID - ID card with embedded electronic layer. This is the result of the national E-citizen program - a series of solutions that help us deal with many matters quickly and efficiently - also remotely. The electronic layer is nothing more than saved in electronic form, among others our biometric data, name, surname, PESEL, place and date of birth and citizenship.

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