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Netronix AGEDI


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AGEDI is device used to monitor parameters read from third party devices via serial interface with MODBUS RTU protocol. Device is able to cyclically read environment temperature measure by two temperature sensors from DS1920 family connected to 1-Wire interface. Device is also equipped with 8 I/O ports allowing for remote read/modification their state.

Device is able simultaneously monitor maximally up to 4 devices with defined 120 parameters at each, and also analyze their state and for defined circumstances send notifications to monitoring devices called NMS.

Device is equipped with:

  • Ethernet interface 10Mbit/s,
  • Serial interface RS-232 configurable up to 230400 bps,
  • Serial interface RS-485 configurable up to 230400 bps,
  • 1-Wire interface used to read temperature measures,
  • 8 digital I/O ports,
  • Green LED diode as a device supply power indicator,
  • Red LED diode as a status indicator of activity on serial interfaces RS-485 and RS-232,
  • Return to default settings button.

Device features:

  • WWW server allowing configuration, remote reset and device state preview,
  • SNMP server,
  • SNMP server used to read conditions of monitored device with ability to send notifications to selected IP addresses form NMS Tramps devices list. Access to read measures are restricted by list of IP addresses of NMS devices with consideration of groups names to read and write operation,
  • DHCP client,
  • Support NBNS protocol,
  • Mechanism of finding devices in network with dynamic network settings assignment,
  • TCP ↔ Serial conversion server working interchangeably with machine used to monitor device state via MODBUS RTU,
  • TFTP server for remote firmware update,
  • ACL access control list to WWW and conversion TCP ↔ Serial servers to restrict access to device to selected IP addresses only.


Supply voltage7 - 26V
Working temperature0°C to 55°C
Size (mm)105 x 86 x 58.5
TypeBramka Ethernet, Bramka Modbus, Konwerter, Serwer portów szeregowych
I/O port type1x Ethernet RJ45, 1x RS232, 1x RS485
Input/Output count8/8