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Netronix MM-U57D/-D5/-Z5

  • MM-U57D/-D5/-Z5

The product may vary in appearance. Before purchasing, please read the description of the product, its technical documentation or contact us.

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MM-U57D, MM-D5, MM-Z5 devices are contactless card and transponder RFID readers of the MIFARE® Classic, Ultralight, DESFire - only MM-U57D version, proximity standards operating at 13,56MHz frequency. Additional MM-Z5 version allow to read serial number from ICODE SLI transponders. Readers have functionality to program NFC cards and transponders comply with ISO/IEC 14443 standards. Module have RS232 (TTL) interface - addressability on RS-XXX bus.

Product have following functionalities

  • transponders supported: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Ultralight, MIFARE® DESFire,
  • full support of MIFARE® DESFire only with MM-D5 module,
  • interface: RS-232-TTL,
  • MM-Z5 module can also read the serial number from ICODE SLI transponder,
  • addressability on RS-XXX bus,
  • configuring the two-state port inputs/outputs,
  • controlling the two-state outputs,
  • reading out the two-state inputs,
  • possibility of full access to all sectors of MIFARE® cards on read and write level,
  • module configuration protected with password.


Supported standardsMIFARE® Classic, Ultralight, DESFire
Operating frequency13,56MHz
Read rangeup to 5 to 10cm depends on transponder
InterfaceRS232 (TTL) adresowalność na szynie RS-XXX
Supply voltage4,5V - 5,5V
Max. current consumption55mA
Working temperature-20°C to +65°C
Size (mm)22.9 x 30.5 x 14.5