NXP, a leading provider of proximity identification solutions in cooperation with leading RFID system integrators, has defined and implemented the next generation MIFARE standard, which significantly increases the level of customer satisfaction while enabling the construction of new business models based on a higher level of transaction security and protecting private data.

The second evolution of the leading smart card standard MIFARE DESFire EV2 offers high performance, increased security and privacy thanks to support for 3DES or AES encryption and extended support for supporting multiple applications to enable the construction of new business models. The new MIFARE DESFire EV2 platform additionally increases flexibility and is also available for secure smart cards SmartMX used, among others in contactless applications of bank cards and secure components used with mobile devices with support for NFC , providing an unparalleled end-user experience, among others in mobile ticket sales.

Compared to MIFARE DESFire EV1, the DESFire EV2 standard can support many different applications at the same time within the supported capacity of non-volatile EEPROM memory (2, 4 or 8 kB). Thanks to support for the new MIsmartApp functionality, support for new applications in the card can be loaded into EV2 cards even after they are physically released to the end user - without having to return it for reprogramming, including by eliminating the need for the card issuer to share the master key. For even more convenient operation, DESFire EV2 offers an increased operating distance compared to the previous version, and the 70 pF option allows you to optimize the reading range for small size antennas. DESFire EV2 provides the perfect balance of speed, performance and cost effectiveness, being also backwards compatible with the existing MIFARE DESFire EV1 platform and hardware infrastructure compliant with ISO / IEC 14443A 1-4 and optional ISO / IEC commands 7816-4 , allows achieving data transfer rates up to 848 Kbit / s , allowing faster data processing. The open concept of the standard allows for seamless integration of future media, such as smart paper tickets, key rings and mobile tickets based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Innovations thanks to MismartApp - support for delegated applications

MIFARE® DESFire EV2 bezpieczny standard RFID z obsługą wielu aplikacji jednocześnie

NXP offers the opportunity to expand offers and build new intelligent business models using a set of innovative features available on the MIFARE DESFire EV2 software development platform. The new MIsmartApp application supports multiple applications on one proximity card. File operators can now sell storage space for additional applications to third parties without having to share the card's master key. The new functionality of DESFire EV2 cards enables unlimited combination of applications, such as loyalty programs, membership programs, access control, bike rentals or subscriptions for public transport in one card.

Application in applications

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