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Netronix COTER-EC


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COTER-EC device is used to convert the signals transmitted via Ethernet to serial signals CAN 2.0B.

The device is able to communicate simultaneously with 112 devices connected to the same bus. The maximum bus speed is 1 Mbit/s Converter supports automatic handling of frames RTR (Remote Transmit Request).

The device has a programmed auto mode expansion interface CAN 2.0B frame to frame NX-CAN protocol to work with other devices Netronix especially designed for operation with the access control system NACS.

Device is equipped with:

  • Ethernet interface 100Mbit/s,
  • Serial interface CAN 2.0B configurable up to 1Mbps,
  • Green LED diode as a device supply power indicator,
  • Red LED diode as a status indicator of activity on serial interfaces RS-485 and RS-232,
  • Return to default settings button.

Device features:

  • WWW server allowing configuration, remote reset and device state preview,
  • DHCP client,
  • Support NBNS protocol,
  • Mechanism of finding devices in network with dynamic network settings assignment,
  • TCP ↔ CAN 2.0B conversion server,
  • TFTP server for remote firmware update,
  • ACL access control list to WWW and conversion TCP ↔ CAN servers to restrict access to device to selected IP addresses only.