Agent2 SNMP

Universal module for monitoring and control via SNMP

  • EOL

Agent2 SNMP was designed for fast and very simple integration of various measuring equipment with IT systems.

Agent2 SNMP acts as a system that collects and stores measurement data in its virtual database. The database can be remotely read and written by management stations using the SNMPv1 protocol (Simple Protocol for Network Management version 1).

Advantages of using Agent2 SNMP from Netronix:

  • Very fast and simple integration of various measuring equipment with IT systems - the system designer can treat the agent as a "black box" with lots of interfaces on one side and Ethernet on the other.
  • The programmer of the application processing data from the agent does not need to know the construction of low-level equipment and protocols - basic knowledge of SNMP is enough.
  • There are many ready-made libraries and applications for managing SNMP agents on the market - testing the capabilities of Agent2 SNMP is a matter of a few minutes spent on installing the software.
  • Agent enables remote access (Ethernet / IP / TCP / UDP) to devices using typical industrial interfaces


  • Monitoring UPS parameters
  • Monitoring of power network parameters (direct cooperation with the AS-3 mini recorder and the AS multi application from Twelve Electric)
  • Monitoring of climatic conditions (temperature, humidity)
  • Remote acquisition of measurement data
  • Access control systems - seamless cooperation with Netronix RFID readers
  • Remote control of devices and processes: on / off / reset, setting voltages, currents and other quantities after connecting the appropriate transducers on the I2C bus


  • SNMPv1 (RFC-1157) support
  • MIB parameters database contains, among others: UPS, power network parameters, TTL I / O ports status and temperature
  • Fast parameter reading speed up to 100 / sec
  • Configurable notifications of trap (traps) after changing the parameter
  • RS485 to TCP converter 1: 1
  • Configure network settings via RS232
  • Remote configuration via FTP
  • Remote firmware update via FTP
  • High security:
  • Configurable access lists with host IP addresses (Access Control List) for SNMP, FTP and RS485-TCP converter
  • SNMP community name
  • FTP username and password
  • 1 RS232 port
  • 1 RS485/422 port
  • 32 universal TTL I / O
  • 1 I2C / 1-WIRE (Dallas) serial ports
  • Support for 4 external Maxim-Dallas DS18B20 digital temperature sensors
  • Support for up to 32 DS2438 systems operating as temperature-humidity sensors or in a system for measuring current and voltage.

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