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Netronix MM-005

  • MM-005

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Module MM-005 operates on principle of the contact-less information writing and reading from and to the transponder Mifare (RFID). Data is transmitted via RS-232 interface compatible with TTL voltage level.

They have the following functionality:

  • supply voltage Uz: 4,5-5,5V,
  • supply current: 1-55mA,
  • module rated operating radio frequency: 13,56 MHz,
  • baud rate of data received from transponder: 106 kb/s (10us/bit),
  • write time to data block: 6 ms + RS transmission,
  • read time from data block: 2.5 ms + RS transmission,
  • time of typical ticket transaction*: 70 ms + RS transmission,
  • output current capacity: port1 to port4 and RS-TX 10mA,
  • transporter read / write distance (depending on antenna used): 5-10cm,
  • antenna: External with resonance adjusting capacitors for 13.56 MHz,
  • transmission: 1200 to 115200 bps, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity bit, with voltages comply TTL levels (default: 9600 bps).

* refresh of two values and write in of two blocks