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PLA RFID reader series

Thanks to the extremely compact size of the credit card (54 x 85 mm), thickness of 7 mm and simple 1-Wire® interface configuration (RS-232 soon), PLA readers are adapted among others to cooperate with the recording / monitoring devices used in GPS / GSM vehicle locating and tracking applications. DVRs communicate wirelessly with the server application via the GSM network, transmits numerous collected information and vehicle data, and through the attached PLA RFID readers, also transmitting driver identification data from the vehicle using the authorization given to it at that time. This is extremely important information for any fleet manager in medium and large companies, allowing you to optimize costs and control fuel expenses and more.

Współpraca czytników RFID serii PLA z systemami lokalizacji GPS

PLA-MDL reader supports MIFARE® family RFID proximity cards operating in the frequency of 13.56MHz and standards in the 125kHz band, including Unique (PLA-UDK/PLA-2DK) and additionally HITAG2 (only PLA-2DK).

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Netronix PLA-RUP
PLA-RUP is a desktop USB RFID reader and progammer from the MIFARE® Classic, Plus, Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESFire, DESFire EV1 family of cards and...
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Netronix PLA-D6L
PLA-D6L is a RFID proximity card reader from the Unique (EM4102), HITAG1/S, HITAG2, HID ISOProx®II and Q5 families operating at 125kHz.
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Netronix PLA-R6L
PLA-R6L is a RFID proximity card reader from the MIFARE® Classic, Plus, Ultralight, DESfire EV2, ICODE, ISO1443A/B, ISO15693 families operating at...
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