UW-U4Z is a device (reader) that allows non-contact reading of a unique number from a Unique type electronic identifier (transponder).

  • EOL

The device is equipped with an RS485 interface. This allows you to both configure a single reader and connect up to 32 readers to the same bus. The communication between the master system and the readers takes place through single addressing and collective addressing.

Available communication functions allow you to manage memory cards, configuration, control of the built-in relay, control of the built-in sound and visual signaling, reading the status of the button on the front panel, reading the transponder ID number.

Appropriate configuration can also make the reader a fully autonomous device - i.e. making decisions independently on the basis of previously defined and stored in the internal memory of non-volatile numbers of authorized identifiers. On this basis, it may also take previously defined actions, such as:

  • Controlling any devices
  • Lock or open various security features
  • Signaling control
  • Generating time dependencies to maintain the above functions over time
  • Reading the status of the button on the front panel
  • Reading ID number

Configuration allows obtaining a reader working autonomously (without the participation of the master device - without the RS485 bus) or under the control of the master system (PC or dedicated device) or in mixed mode (the autonomous reader reconfigured in case of such a need). The reader can work with data rates of 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bits per second. It can be configured as reacting to the same card applied to the reader or reacting only when the card is first applied, as an ID sending on its own or a request. The relay can work in bistable or monostable mode where the backup time is also configurable.

The relay is controlled remotely or in connection with the application of a registered card or in connection with the application of any card. The state of the built-in button can be read remotely, which allows organizing additional functionality.

The reader has a memory of 1000 "access control" cards and 10 "Master" cards, i.e. those that in the stand-alone (wireless) mode enable cards to be registered in the reader or their removal (the Master card adds or removes other cards). During programming via the RS bus, the configuration and memory of the cards are password protected.

The reader has a built-in collision driver which enables placing readers in close proximity (e.g. on the same wall but on both sides).

Main features:

  • Dimensions 82 x 82 x 23 mm,
  • Designed to work with UNIQUE identifiers,
  • Works in a wide range of supply voltage 7-25V (unstable voltage),
  • Equipped with an RS485 interface that allows:
  • Connecting up to 32 readers on a common bus,
  • Referring to the reader using a unique address or to everyone connected to the bus at the same time,
  • Configuring readers,
  • Entering user IDs for each reader,
  • Servicing and monitoring readers in the system.

The reader configuration scope includes:

  • Bandwidth of the communication interface 1200 .... 115200b / s,
  • Selective and broadcast addressing,
  • Informing the parent system of a correctly read identifier,
  • Relay operating mode as monostable, bistable or off,
  • Time to keep the relay on,
  • Length of time for the buzzer to turn on.

Internal non-volatile memory allows:

  • Remembering 1000 user ID numbers,
  • Remembering 10 privileged ID numbers (MASTER),
  • Built-in relay can directly control the electromagnetic lock.

The above product is being discontinued. For new projects, we recommend using the UW-U4R -> UW-D4G reader.


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