Transponders also called "tags", "markers", "identifiers" thanks to the small integrated circuit can transfer information containing credentials granting users the authorizations specified in the RFID application. Transponders allow you to gain access to functions or guarded zones - buildings or individual rooms, or only lockers, e.g. in changing rooms in swimming pools, fitness clubs, or turnstiles at metro stations.

RFID transponders can be divided into passive ones, i.e. those that operate within the electromagnetic field generated by the reader, and active ones, which, thanks to the batteries, can generate the field themselves, significantly increasing the range of their operation. The profit from the range of active tags also comes at a cost, in the form of the need to periodically replace the coin cell battery.

RFID transponders in our offer

Netronix TR1 RFID transponders
  • New
  • Passive
  • 13.56MHz/125kHz


TR1 is a family of general purpose RFID transponders, supporting the most popular proximity standards, operating at 13.56MHz and 125kHz frequencies.

Netronix ATPLA-S
  • Active
  • 125kHz/869MHz


Active ATPLA-S transponder cooperating with ACTS-2 long range reader.

Netronix ATPLA-N
  • Active
  • 869MHz


Active ATPLA-N transponder cooperating with ACTS-2 long-range reader.

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