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Netronix Accessconfig

The Accessconfig program is an application used for configuring the proximity cards UW-U4R/UW-U4G.

By means of Accessconfig it is possible to read, write or modify card memory, which is used for automatic access control. It is possible to define access rights for each user, which contain privileges assigned to him. The program features manual edit function of RFID card as well the read-out function of card being in proximity of reader, with which the program established a connection. By means of the program, one can browse the card base and verify person name whom card with given ID is assigned to.

The program makes possible to configure all operation parameters of reader from set-up of communication interface and modes of automatic card read-out module to configuration of each input/output port of a device.

Graphic interface arrangement and program performance represents division a device to function modules, which makes understanding and configuring the reader by means of Accessconfig much easer. The program makes possible simple duplication of reader configuration by read-out of the configuration and then by writing it into other readers that protect against access to the same zone.

The program features other functions such as changing the access password to the reader, time changing or read-out of reader software version, which is out of control of reader operation parameters. The Accessconfig uses Netronix protocol to communicate with devices. Detailed description of the protocol is available on manufacturer website or in reader documentation. The communication can be achieved via PC serial interface with the application installed or via TCP/IP port depending on device interface type or network architecture.

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