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Netronix UW-D4G

  • Netronix UW-D4G wall mount RFID reader
  • Netronix UW-D4G wall mount RFID reader
  • Netronix UW-D4G wall mount RFID reader

The product may vary in appearance. Before purchasing, please read the description of the product, its technical documentation or contact us.

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UW-D4G is wall mount RFID proximity card and transponders reader from the Unique (EM4102), HITAG 1/2/S, HID ISOProx®II and Q5 families, operating at 125kHz frequency, equipped with an RS-485 interface. Reader has also built-in antenna, buzzer, relay and two LED indicatiors. Additional has RTC clock with battery backup and comunicate over interface via Netronix or MODBUS protocols.

Product have following functionalities

  • built-in antenna, relay and buzzer,
  • built-in front panel button and LED indicator,
  • built-in reset button,
  • built-in tamper with spring,
  • built-in RTC clock with battery backup,
  • anti-collision pin synchronizing readers working close together,
  • configuring dual state inputs and outputs,
  • configuring the behavior of the buzzer, relay, and LEDs,
  • control of dual state outputs,
  • reading dual state inputs,
  • password protected data,
  • Netronix and MODBUS protocol support,
  • card memory with built-in lock driver.


Supported standardsUnique (EM4102), HITAG 1/2/S, HID ISOProx®II oraz Q5
Operating frequency125kHz
Read rangeup to 12cm depends on transponder
Supply voltage7 - 16V
Max. current consumption120mA
Size (mm)82 x 82 x 22