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Netronix UW-U4GE

  • Netronix UW-U4GE wall mount RFID reader
  • Netronix UW-U4GE wall mount RFID reader

The product may vary in appearance. Before purchasing, please read the description of the product, its technical documentation or contact us.

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UW-U4GE is wall mount RFID proximity card and transponders reader from the Unique (EM4102) family operating at 125kHz low frequency, equipped with an RS-485 interface. Reader have also built-in antenna, buzzer, relay and two LED indicatiors.

Reader can also control up to six external devices (ex. pool, fitness locker) with extensive configurations for output behavior and access rights.

Product have following functionalities

  • built-in antenna, relay and buzzer,
  • built-in front panel button and LED indicator,
  • built-in reset button,
  • built-in tamper with spring,
  • anti-collision pin synchronizing readers working close together,
  • configuring dual state inputs and outputs,
  • configuring the behavior of the buzzer, relay, and LEDs,
  • control of dual state outputs,
  • reading dual state inputs,
  • password protected data,
  • card memory with built-in lock driver.

UW-U4GE reader has an RS-485 interface to connect multiple units on one long bus. With the RS interface, a group of readers can be connected and configured by AccessConfig or Nefig software installed on a PC.

Reader is designed to be fully configurable even without PC software. Once logged in, all options and settings are available using the appropriate number of button touches located on the front of the reader enclosure.


Supported standardsUnique (EM4102)
Operating frequency125kHz
Read rangeup to 12cm depends on transponder
Supply voltage7 - 16V
Max. current consumption120mA
Size (mm)82 x 82 x 22