The Netronix company specializes in the design and production of electronic modules for the radio identification of persons and property. The vast majority of products are RFID readers and their accessories.

Netronix RFID readers and modules offer the ability to write and read transponders with MIFARE®, Unique, Q5, HITAG, HID, ICODE and many other lesser-known transponder types. They are supported by the interfaces: RS232, RS485, RS232 (5V-TTL), 1-Wire, WIEGAND, I2C, USB and Ethernet.

The products we offer, due to the way they are used, can be divided into 3 basic groups:

  • RFID modules without enclosure for individual aplications,
  • RFID readers with an enclosure,
  • Modules designed and manufactured on the individual order of the client, in line with his individual needs.

Our products are widely used in many applications such as:

  • Identification of persons and property,
  • Cashless transactions,
  • Doorway control,
  • Working time control,
  • Handling electronic tickets in public transport,
  • Tracking raw materials and products in complex production lines,
  • Tracking of objects in logistically complex supply chains,
  • Material identification in warehouses,
  • Loyalty systems,
  • Identification of parcels and luggage,
  • Protecting original products against counterfeiting,
  • Vehicle identification in parking lots and toll motorways.

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A1356 is a 13.56MHz antenna module working with MICRO RFID modules including MM-005, I2M-005, MM-U57D and MM-R5.

MicroDem3 is a demonstration kit for NANO/MICRO/UM family readers with an RS232 interface with TTL voltage levels.

REDWU voltage reducer is used to lower the DC voltage from 14-25V to 12V.

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L-113 antenna for RFID applications based on 125kHz frequency.

The L-112 antenna is designed for RFID applications operating at the frequency of 125kHz.

AGEDI-B is a device used to monitor parameters read from third devices via a serial interface with the Modbus RTU protocol. The device is able to cyclically read the ambient temperature measured by two temperature sensors from the DS1920 family connected to the 1-Wire® interface. The device is also equipped with 8 I/O ports allowing remote reading / changing their status.

UW-DNG is wall mount RFID proximity card and transponders reader from the Unique, HITAG, Q5 i HID family operating at 125kHz low frequency, equipped with an CAN 2.0B interface for support NACS - Netronix Access Control System.

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The COTER-ECI device is used to convert signals transferred via Ethernet to signals of the CAN 2.0B serial interface.

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COTER-E device are used to convert signals transmitted via Ethernet to signals of the RS485 serial interface.

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MW-D7B / MW-D7G is RFID card reader with support of Unique, HITAG, Q5 i HID family cards and transponders, working on frequency of 125kHz.

  • Modbus RTU
Showing 1-12 of 92 item(s)

Are you looking for custom RFID products?

In addition to the offer of universal modules and RFID readers, which are permanently available in the offer
Netronix provides services of designing RFID devices for individual orders.

Thanks to this, it is possible to closely match the designed RFID device to the specificity of the target application.