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Active RFID is a radio identification technology based on transponders that have their own built-in energy source, thanks to which they can - unlike traditional passive solutions - establish communication with readers themselves, being out of range of their field. Offering an extended 5/200m range, Netronix active RFID transponders have a limited operating time of 3 to 5 years depending on the device usage.

Jak działa system kontroli dostępu na bazie Aktywnego RFID?

ACTS-2 is a RFID active tag reader - long range, operating in frequencies 125kHz / 869MHz, cooperating with ATPLA-N and ATPLA-S transponders. ATPLA-N (869MHz) transponders with a range of up to 200 meters send their ID automatically at the time specified in the configuration or after pressing the button, while ATPLA-S (125kHz) additionally after being in the waking field generated by the ACTS-2 reader (5 meters) . ATPLA-N and ATPLA-S transponders have their own unique ID up to 4 bytes in length.

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Active ATPLA-N transponder cooperating with ACTS-2 long range reader.

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Active ATPLA-S transponder cooperating with ACTS-2 long range reader.

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PAC-AUG / PAC-AUB is a desktop reader and programmer for ATPLA-S and ATPLA-N active transponders. Reader has a USB interface in CDC class (serial port emulation).

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ACTS-2 long range RFID reader works with ATPLA-S and ATPLA-N active RFID transponders.

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Are you looking for custom RFID products?

In addition to the offer of universal modules and RFID readers, which are permanently available in the offer
Netronix provides services of designing RFID devices for individual orders.

Thanks to this, it is possible to closely match the designed RFID device to the specificity of the target application.