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Netronix is a long-term manufacturer of RFID devices offering the ability to write and read transponders with MIFARE®, Unique, Q5, HITAG, HID, ICODE and others.

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A1356 is a 13.56MHz antenna module working with MICRO RFID modules including MM-005, I2M-005, MM-U57D and MM-R5.

MicroDem3 is a demonstration kit for NANO/MICRO/UM family readers with an RS232 interface with TTL voltage levels.

L-113 antenna for RFID applications based on 125kHz frequency.

The L-112 antenna is designed for RFID applications operating at the frequency of 125kHz.

MW-D7B / MW-D7G is RFID card reader with support of Unique, HITAG, Q5 i HID family cards and transponders, working on frequency of 125kHz.

  • Modbus RTU

UW-MDN is wall mount RFID proximity card and transponders reader from the MIFARE® (ISO14443-3) family operating at 13,56MHz high frequency, equipped with an 1-Wire® interface (Dallas DS1990 emulation).

UW-DAL is wall mount RFID proximity card and transponders reader from the Unique family operating at 125kHz low frequency (EM Microelectronic - P4150), equipped with an 1-Wire® interface (Dallas DS1990 emulation).

PLA-UDK is contactless RFID cards and transponders reader from Unique family, operating on frequency of 125kHz. Reader has 1-Wire® (Dallas DS1990 emulation) interface with a 1m long cable terminated with a male 2x3 pin type Molex MicroFit3.0 plug. Reader has a built-in antenna and an LED indicator.

PAC-PUG / PAC-PUB is desktop USB RFID reader and progammer from MIFARE® Classic, Plus, Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESFire, DESFire EV1 and ICODE® family of cards and transponders operating at 13,56MHz frequency.

  • USB

NANO-US is miniature RFID reader of the Unique, Q5, HITAG 1, HITAG 2 (ID read only), HITAG S, HID proximity standards, operating at 125kHz frequency.

  • Ultra compact size

I1M-005 is contactless card and transponder RFID reader of the ICODE® 1 proximity stadard from NXP company, operating at 13,56MHz frequency. Module has RS232 (TTL) interface.

Showing 1-12 of 45 item(s)

Are you looking for custom RFID products?

In addition to the offer of universal modules and RFID readers, which are permanently available in the offer
Netronix provides services of designing RFID devices for individual orders.

Thanks to this, it is possible to closely match the designed RFID device to the specificity of the target application.