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We provide proprietary software tools for quick and easy implementation of our products in customer applications.

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NEFIR3 is free software for quick and easy firmware change in selected Netronix products.
The Netronix NFC ID application emulates the UID of the ISO14443A (NFC) transponder in Host Card Emulation mode.
The CARDIDCODER application allows to save user-defined UID on MIFARE® family RFID cards and transponders. The PAC-PU USB reader is used to save data on cards. Automatic reading of the saved UID is possible with...
Netronix protocol
Protocol for serial data transmission implemented in Netronix devices (modules).
Netronix NEFIR
NEFIR is free software for quick and easy firmware change in selected Netronix products.
FRAMER-CAN is a diagnostic tool used to test the connection with CAN devices using the COTER-EC converter.
Netronix FRAMER
FRAMER is universal application tool, which is useful during testing Netronix RFID module's.
DISCOVERER is used to find Netronix devices in Ethernet local area networks.
ACCESSCONFIG is an application used for configuring UW-U4R/UW-U4G the proximity card readers.
NACS access control system
NACS (an abbreviation of Netronix Access Control System) was designed to control an access to guarded zones. Doorways between zones are protected by Netronix proximity card readers.
Showing 1-11 of 11 item(s)
Are you looking for custom RFID products?

In addition to the offer of universal modules and RFID readers, which are permanently available in the offer
Netronix provides services of designing RFID devices for individual orders.

Thanks to this, it is possible to closely match the designed RFID device to the specificity of the target application.