CTU-232-M operate on the principle of contactless reading of a unique ID number from the Unique transponder (RFID).

  • EOL

The modules have the following functionality:

  • transmit the ID of the read transponder to the master via a serial electrical link
  • configuring the type of electric link (for UM-RWD-M and CTU-RWD)
    1. available types of electric connection:
  • RS-232
    1. available electrical link configurations:
  • For all modules:
    • repeatability of ID transfer status
  • For RS-XXX:
    • autonomous communication
    • broadcast addressing
    • selective addressing (unicast)
    • address setting
  • For Dallas:
    • Address
    • Family code
  • For Wiegand:
    • Number of bits
  • implemented MasterID mechanism for 40 transponders (Operation on cards without the use of additional master systems, quick storage of ID numbers in the internal transponder database, quick deletion of ID numbers from the internal transponder database, handling the master card)
  • control of two-state outputs depending on the recognized transponder
  • control of binary outputs depending on the remote set value
  • configuring binary outputs:
    • control signal source
    • active state hold time
    • modulation times
    • select active state
    • Active state repeatability
    • reading digital inputs and data transfer via RSXXX link

The above product is being discontinued. For new projects, we recommend using the CTU-D modules.


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