Broadly understood subject of access control also includes applications such as access to lockers and storage compartments in cloakrooms located, among others in fitness clubs, swimming pools, sports clubs, universities or everywhere where there is a need to operate cloakroom systems with access granted on the basis of RFID proximity cards or transponders.

The market demand for this type of access solutions has resulted in the development of control devices for these specific applications.

Netronix MSSB1


MSSB1 is an access control controller module for cabinet locks. Provides 16 independent outputs, interface for connecting a proximity card reader, Ethernet interface for communication with an external supervisory system (online operation). It is also possible to work in offline mode - autonomous.

Netronix MSSBR-8


MSSBR-8 is an extension module (extender) for the MSSB1 controller, containing 8 additional relays for lock control. It is possible to add a maximum of 4 modules, increasing the controller service by an additional 32 outputs.

Netronix MSSBL


MSSBL is an alphanumeric display module, giving the number of the currently opened cabinet.

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