RFID reader with PoE? What are the advantages of such a solution?

According to current industry forecasts, Power over Ethernet (POE) technology will achieve an estimated 16% growth in the coming years (2020-2025), reaching one billion, six hundred million dollars in revenue. This is favored by the wide adoption in the industrial automation industry, where POE significantly facilitates the implementation of devices such as CCTV cameras, HVAC applications or intelligent information panels, to which the data and the supply voltage flow along the same cabling, minimizing the costs of such installations like in the demo below.

It is no different in the case of RFID readers that support data transmission via Ethernet and are powered from the POE budget.

Also, the implementation of an RFID reader with POE for operation in an Ethernet network that does not support POE is not a problem, as there are devices that can provide POE support in existing networks that do not have the appropriate switch. Another convenience of choosing an RFID reader with POE is their easy network discovery as well as remote software updates via TFTP protocol. The Netronix UW-RES reader supports the IEEE 802.3af standard (Mode: 1, Class: 0), and communicates with the application via the Netronix over TCP/IP protocol.

Cooperating devices

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UW-RES is wall mount RFID proximity card and transponders reader from the MIFARE® Classic, Ultralight, DESFire (ID only), iCLASS (CSN only), ICODE® SLI operating at 13,56MHz high frequency, equipped with an Ethernet PoE interface with Netronix over TCP/IP transmission protocol. Reader has also built-in antenna, buzzer, relay and two LED indicatiors.

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