RFID in electric vehicle EV charging station applications

Electric vehicles (EVs) are steadily gaining in popularity. Thanks to constantly modernized technology, they become more efficient and increase their operational range. However, like any vehicle (scooter, car), they require charging stations, which with the growing interest, are created in places convenient for users, such as shopping centers, parking lots or in specially prepared "e-Charge" charging networks.

As well as the availability of a charging station, the speed of charging and the convenience of settling payments for each kWh unit charged are also important.

This is where RFID comes up to the challenge again, enabling the "e-Charge" network of chargers to build their own customer management system and payment settlement, including subscription payments, fleet payments, etc.

Each customer of the "e-Charge" service provider receives its own card, on the basis of which the system, thanks to an RFID reader installed in the application, uniquely identifies the user and grants (or denies) access to the charger, counting the downloaded kWh units on his customer account.

GPS-based fleet applications and EV vehicles

As examples from real life show, vehicle charging systems are used not only by individual customers, but more and more often entire fleets, including public / public transport vehicles, fleets of small and medium-range delivery vehicles (courier companies decide to use electric vehicles in large agglomerations), use their own charging stations. In conjunction with extensive GPS-based fleet applications, it is possible to significantly optimize the available resources by mapping the optimal routes for electric fleet vehicles, locating the vehicle and its safety (by switching off the ignition without having the appropriate card).

Cooperation of PLA series RFID readers
with GPS vehicle location systems

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